Getting back from Cabo was bittersweet. I’d been waiting to travel there since spring break and once i got off the plane i completely fell in love! Its just such a beautiful place and the vibes are great! I loved it so much. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to travel there and i hope i can go back sometime in the future :-)

i finally graduated!!!!! Congrats class of 2014!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!

Had the best time at grad nite with my amazing boyfriend and my crazy friends!!!!

I have said this once and i will say it again, anyone who disrespects or lies to my mom is nothing more than a piece of shit to me. It disgusts me to see someone who she cares about so much and has taken care of, lie to her multiple times for such small and dumb reasons. It seriously makes me so sad to see how much she tries for someone who has no fucking hope anymore! You cant make a fool out of my momma and you sure as hell underestimated her if you thought you could.

Prom was just like the movies. I got to go with the love of my life and we had the best time ever. Everything was so perfect I wish I could go back and do everything exactly the same all over again!!!! I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life💖💕

I had such a hectic day today! So last night my aunt texts me and tells me she wants me to take her to get her eyebrows done. So after school we go get out eyebrows done then she asks me to take her to starbucks so i do and after that she asks me to take her to the mall because she wants to go to forever 21! I was starting to get annoyed at this point and i didnt even have money but i agreed to take her anyways. We get to forever 21 try a few things on and head home. I get home to a friend of mine with a sign saying “John Green Signing” and my friends were all lined up. Then there was Shawn sitting at a table signing my friends books pretending to be John Green hahahahahahahha it was adorable! I had to get in line and when i was finally next my garage opened to this! Im such a lucky girl!!!!! i love all my friends who helped and my handsome boyfriend for going out of his way to do all this for me!!!!!!!! AND MY MOM AND MY AUNT!!!!!! Im so happy i love life and shawn and john green! I cant wait for saturday!!!!!!!!!

Me being cute yesterday in my hotel room in TJ. I love my life lol

I love my friends so much and I love hanging out with Cindy and Megan at bootcamp so if you’re reading this Megan, I LOVE YA!!!!!!! And I love sweet people and I love feeling understood and I love doing nice things for people and I love being positive and I love being happy and I love when wonderful things happen to my loved ones :-)

I think I’m going to get myself a journal because I like the idea of it. I don’t think I’ll be posting personal things on here anymore, at least not as much as I usually do. I mean, not that anyone cares hahahahaha

I love Shawn so darn much! I don’t even know where I’m going with this post I just felt like saying that I love him. I can’t express it enough he’s just everything to me.